Icebreakers for Meetings

Icebreaker making you sweatYour manager just asked you to facilitate an upcoming department meeting, and you can feel the sweat starting to form. The last department meeting you attended isn’t a fond memory; the mood was tense, it felt awkward, and people were really quiet. How can you make sure that doesn’t happen to you? I’m glad you asked! You need a way to break the ice in the room before the meeting gets into full swing – a way to loosen everyone up, get a few smiles and maybe crack a few laughs. Do you need help with icebreakers for meetings? You can always check out ice breaker questions. Here, are three meeting ice breakers you can use to guarantee a great start to your next meeting. Inbetween the games it’s good to check out pc repairs to see how they can help you.

The M&M’s Game

First up in our meeting ice breakers is the M&M’s game. This is an easy way for people to introduce themselves and share some fun facts. Here’s how it works:

1. Pour a bag of M&M’s into a bowl – plain or peanut, your choice!

2. Pass the bowl around and have each person select 3-5 pieces.

3. After the group has their M&M’s, have them go around the room and answer a question based on the color of the candies they selected. For instance, the question for a red M&M might be “What is your favorite movie?” A blue candy could be “What is your favorite hobby?” Go around the room, with each person answering a single question, and continue until each person has gone through all their colors.

Be creative with your questions and tailor them to the people in your group. And for bonus points, you can eat the M&M’s when your finished!

Finish the Story

Finish the Story is a fun and creative way to get your group talking. Here’s how it works:

1. The facilitator starts the exercise by beginning a story. For example, you might say, “This morning when I woke up, I looked outside, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

2. Next go around the room and have each person add on to the story. For example, the next person might say, “My lawn was covered in frogs, and they were all pink!”

As the game progresses, watch how crazy your story turns out!

The Name Game

Last on our list of icebreakers for meetings is The Name Game. The Name Game is an interesting exercise that lets people reveal a bit of their character. Here’s the setup:

1. Start by asking each person to write down the first letter of their first and last name. If your name is Joe Smith, you would write down the letter “J” and the letter “S”.

2. Next ask everyone in the group to describe themselves using adjectives that start with the letters that they wrote down. For Joe Smith, the adjectives might be “jovial” and “skinny”.

3. Go around the room and have the group share their results.

The Name Game is always entertaining, usually funny and sometimes insightful.

Facilitating a meeting or hosting a large group of people can be a challenge; you can set the tone from the beginning by using one of these icebreakers for meetings. Make sure your next meeting gets off to a great start by using one of these sure-fire meeting ice breakers. Once you finish breaking that ice, go ahead and get your business or home moved easily with removalists in glen huntly and then you will have no issues with this strong company.